NFL Wild Card Round Picks (Saturday Only)

Here we go. The NFL Playoffs are here. With the exception of March Madness, the NFL playoffs might be the best postseason in all of sports. I love watching the playoffs regardless of whether the Eagles are in, but now that they’re back, I’m really hyped. Although to be honest, I’m looking forward to that game less, because watching your own team play is always like work, while watching others is relaxing and enjoyable.

Here are my picks for the Saturday games with the Sunday picks coming later today or tomorrow.

Week 17 results 9-6-1

Chiefs at Colts  The Pick: Chiefs -1.5 

Can’t figure either of these two teams out. The Colts have arguably the most impressive wins in the league beating Denver, San Fran, Seattle and KC just two weeks ago.  Andrew Luck is better than Alex Smith and the Colts are at home.

But they have had some brutal losses, and while they’ve finished the season strong, two of their wins came against the Jaguars and Texans.

But I think it’s hard to beat the same team twice, especially three weeks apart. The Chiefs looked great last week with their second-string in the game and have their key starters rested. Their getting Justin Houston back, which should help wit Tamba Hali playing less than 100 percent.

The Chiefs started 9-0, but most of those wins were less than impressive. Having said that, I don’t see them starting the season that hot and losing in the first round.

Alex Smith isn’t great, but he has postseason experience and good weapons to use on offense.  What will be interesting to see is how Andy calls this game and what adjustments he’s made from their previous meeting so the offense can score more than 7 points this time around.

I’ll take the Chiefs getting revenge in this one 24-21.

Saints at Eagles  The Pick: Eagles -3 

Forget that whole “Saints can’t win on the road” thing. They definitely can, and they definitely can win this game. Never count out Drew Brees and that dangerous Saints offense. The Saints will be able to move the ball against the Eagles, especially with Patrick Chung starting at safety. Just see what Jason Witten did to the Birds last week and it doesn’t look good for them against Jimmy Graham.

Yet the Saints won’t win the game.

The Eagles have the number one rushing attack in the league and the Saints have the 19th best rush defense. From what I’ve read, they’re also vulnerable on containing running backs from getting outside, which is what LeSean McCoy is best at. I could definitely see the Eagles offense having similar success to what they did against the Bears rush defense a few weeks ago.

In the secondary, the Saints will miss safety Kenny Vaccaro and corner Jabari Greer. DeSean Jackson has been quite the past couple weeks, but he should have the opportunity to make some big plays tonight.

The only way the Saints defense keeps them in the game will be if Rob Ryan calls some really effective blitzes that bog down the offense as the Cowboys did last week.

This Eagles team is the healthiest team I can ever remember in all my years of watching Eagles football. Pardon the pun, but they’re flying high with four straight home wins and playing confident and smart. Couple that with a Linc crowd that should be out of its mind and I see the Eagles winning by a score of 27-20.


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