Projecting the finish of the NFC Least

The NFC East———-> dumpster fire

Going into the season, I knew there was no team that stood above the others in the NFC East, but wow, what a terrible division this has been. Going into Week 11, the Giants and Redskins are 3-6 and somehow not planning on getting ready for the offseason, but still believing they can make a run at this thing.

I don’t think either of those teams have what it takes to surprise us all and steal this wretched division. Especially the Giants, my original division winner, who started 0-6 and have looked less than impressive in their three wins.

So that leaves the powerhouse Eagles and Cowboys who each come in at 5-5.

I’m giving myself a do over, which unfortunately for the NFL, doesn’t exist for the NFC Least this year. Below is the remaining schedules for each team and and how I see it playing out.

Giants: Current Record  3-6

Vs. Packers 11/17  (Win)

Vs. Cowboys 11/24 (Win)

at Redskins 12/1 (Loss)

at Chargers 12/8 (Loss)

Vs. Seahawks 12/15 (Loss)

at Lions 12/22 (Loss)

Vs. Redskins 12/29 (Win)

Yep, looks like 6-10 to me. Unless the Giants can continue to get really lucky and face backup quarterbacks, such as Matt Barkley, Scott Tolzien and Josh Freeman, I don’t see them beating either Seattle or Detroit and that will give them at least eight losses. If they had only started 0-4, then it would be in reach, but those two extra losses will keep them from winning this thing.   Final Record 6-10

Redskins:  Current Record 3-6

at Eagles 11/17 (Loss)

Vs. 49ers 11/25 (Loss)

vs. Giants 12/1 (Win)

vs. Chiefs 12/8 (Loss)

at Falcons 12/15 (Win)

Vs. Cowboys 12/22 (Win)

at Giants 12/22 (Loss)

Cheifs and 49ers? Yikes. At least both are home games for the Redskins although it likely wont make a difference. This is a case of too little too late. This team, like the Giants, can only afford two more losses and there’s two of em just sitting there. Could they win on Sunday against the Eagles? Sure. The Birds are terrible at home. But that losing streak is gotta end sooner or later. Plus, I dont see them beating the Giants twice, as each team should be able to take care of each other at least once. Sort of how the Eagles and Giants fared against each other this year. Just too tough of a schedule to overcome the poor start.  Final record: 6-10

Cowboys: Current Record 5-5


at Giants 11/24 (Loss)

Vs. Raiders (Thanksgiving) (Win)

at Bears 12/9  (Win)

Vs. Packers 12/15 (Loss)

at Redskins 12/22 (Loss)

vs. Eagles (12/29) (Loss)

That Sean Lee injury is brutal, probably just as big a loss as Rodgers is for the Packers. Speaking of Rodgers, he should be back by that Dec. 15 game in Dallas. Soooo yeah. That will be a loss.  The only game I see this team definitely winning is against the Raiders on Thanksgiving. I could be wrong about the Giants game, but without Sean Lee the Dallas defense is reeling, and the Giants always play Dallas tough. Final record: 7-9

Eagles: Current Record 5-5

Vs. Redskins 11/17 (Win)


Vs. Cardinals 12/1 (Win)

Vs. Lion 12/8 (Loss)

at Vikings 12/15 (Win)

Vs. Bears 12/22 (Win)

at Cowboys 12/29 (Win)

5-1 coming down the final stretch? Yeah, that’s definitely the Eagles fan in me thinking with my heart but not my head. But hang on a second. As of this current day, there’s only one team that looks like it will be in the playoffs and that’s Detroit. It might not be so improbably after all.

The Cardinals may be good, (current record is 5-4) but they are 1-3 on the road. Chicago is 5-4 and also in the playoff mix, but doesn’t have Charles Tillman or Jay Cutler for the foreseeable future.

The Vikings? They’re pretty bad, yet play teams tough at home. Although if Josh Freeman is at quarterback I’ll give them a zero percent chance to beat the Eagles. Plus the Eagles play well on the road and have already taken care of lowly teams such as Tampa Bay and Oakland. Don’t see why they couldn’t take care of the Vikings.

As I project it that final home game against the Cowboys wont matter. But the Eagles played terribly against Dallas at home on October 20 and will like to make up for that dreadful performance.

I think it really comes down to this Sunday honestly for the Eagles. Beat the Redskins, play a solid all around game and put this home losing streak to bed.  Go into the bye with serious momentum and get a chance to rest up. Then come out swinging and beat the teams you’re supposed to beat.

Of course, all that could be for naught if they lose to the Redskins on Sunday and let them get back in the mix at 4-6. This is after all, the NFC East. The worst division in football.


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