Beer Review: Sweet Baby Jesus!

My first beer review is SweeSweet Baby Jesust Baby Jesus! a delightful chocolate peanut butter porter, made by Baltimore-based brewery Duclaw.

I’d been longing to try this brew for months after seeing it randomly mentioned on Twitter.

“A chocolate peanut butter beer? “I wonder what the hell that tastes like?” Was probably what I thought at the time.

I’d seen chocolate beers before and had always wanted to give one a try, preferably the Sam Adams Chocolate Bock, because, well, I’m a pretty big fan of Sam Adams.

I’ll admit to being nervous when getting ready to try this beer after my disappointing experience with Wells and Young’s “Banana Bread Beer,” another unique craft beer I had been interesting in sampling.

So after months of seeking out Sweet Baby Jesus! which included multiple on-the-spot decisions about driving to Baltimore to get one (good call on my part not driving two hours for a beer), I was finally able to secure a six-pack from a friend who picked one up at a local beer shop.

After I opened the bottle, the strong aroma of chocolate could be easily recognized (the peanut butter comes more in the after taste).

*It’s important to note that I didn’t pour the beer into a glass. That’s for my next experience.

The after taste was what I was dreading and it actually was the best part of the drink. I was left with the taste of a dark chocolate bar. Being a bigger fan of dark chocolate than milk chocolate this was pleasing. Plus I was expecting it to be really sweet for some reason and it definitely wasn’t that.

I don’t really drink porters to often, so I can’t really judge how this one stacks up to others, but I’d imagine it would be fine for those who regulary drink them. Unless you’re not a fan or chocolate or peanut butter. Then I’d probably skip this one if I were you.

The one thing about this beer is this: It’s definitely not a sit-down-and-have-during-a-football-game beer.

After I imbibed this rather delicious beverage, I was pretty full and not in the mood for another. It’s definitely more of a dessert than anything else.   It’s not refreshing, but very tasty, sort of like a good glass of eggnog.

Anyway, I’m glad I liked it. I’d been craving one for so long that I would’ve been disappointed if I couldn’t even finish one bottle.

For a more “expert” opinion on this beer,  check out its Beer Advocate page here.


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