Thoughts and Predictions for the Breaking Bad Series Finale

I haven’t written much about my favorite TV shows since I opened this blog, but if there was ever a time to write a post, it would be the day of the Breaking Bad series finale.

The hype and anticipation is palpable, it has the equivalent of a Super Bowl buildup for a TV show. Breaking Bad is arguably one of the Top 5 shows all time and after tonight it’s gone forever, leaving TV viewers with a lot of good, but no “great” shows to set the DVR for each week.

This series has toyed with my emotions so much, that I’m not even sure what I want out of the finale anymore.  First I wanted Walt dead, but not I want him to come back and save Jesse and kill the Nazis and reunite with his family.

But who am I kidding? This is Breaking Bad, a show that does the exact-reverse-opposite of what a happy ending should be. I’m going out on a limb here and predicting that Walter and his family will not reconcile and live happily ever after.

From what I’ve read from Vince Gilligan, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, the series wraps everything up and is “unapologetic” and leaves nothing up for interpretation.

It may sound weird, but I’m really interested to see if and how the show makes use of it’s secondary characters tonight. Basically Badger, Skinny Pete and at this point Marie. Marie, I’m particularly interested in even though I never really cared about her. Basically what’s life like for her without Hank?

Her life has been ruined by Walt and her sister. Does she even have the desire to live anymore? Or will she seek retribution in some way? Could be a serious under-the-radar character in terms of those who may kill Walt.

I’d be surprised if we saw Badger and Skinny Pete tonight, but I really enjoyed those characters and their goofy antics as Jesse’s friends over the years. Can’t I just see them smoke one more joint or ramble about some insane new TV show. It’s going to be a dark episode, maybe the darkest ever in this grim show. A little levity will be needed.

Also, is Huell still in that hotel room? And will we see Flynn eat pancakes one more time?

Ultimately I keep going back to one line in Season Five’s “Hazard Pay”, where Walt is watching Scarface with Flynn and say’s “Everyone Dies in this Movie.”   Plus the tagline for these final episodes has been “Remember My Name.” Walt’s not going to be forgotten. He’s going out in a blaze of glory, even if that means his death.

Walt returns to the ABQ and lays waste to the Todd, Uncle Jack and the rest of the Neo-Nazi group for selling his product, and of course killing Hank and stealing his money.

Not sure about the ricin. Is it for Lydia? Himself? I don’t think Walt’s going after Gretchen and Elliot. If my memory serves correct, they live in Santa Fe, which is a couple hours from Albuquerque. Walt doesn’t have time to deal with them even if he wants to get back at them for dissing his contributions to Gray Matter.

I think a suitable ending would be Walt dying at the hands of Jesse, or Skyler. A lot of people of have suffered thanks to Walt, but has anyone gone through worse than these two?

Edit: Yeah, Marie’s had it pretty bad too, now that I’ve done some thinking about it.

Regardless of how the story concludes tonight, at or around 10:17 p.m., there won’t be any more Breaking Bad to look forward to next week. It will be disappointing, but I think it’s best for a show to go out on top and that’s what Breaking Bad’s doing.

Vince Gilligan and Co. have been carefully creating the perfect ending for this show for years and tonight, we will gaze upon his works and finally see what he has in store for Mr. Walter Hartwell White. And I’m pretty sure it will be tight tight tight.


Prediction: Characters who will be dead: Walt, Jesse, Todd, Lydia and the rest of the Nazis

Characters who will live: Marie, Skyler (who will be in jail)

Characters who will be hungry: Flynn (Sorry, couldn’t help myself)

And just for the hell of it, my top 5 Breaking Bad episodes.

5. Pilot (Season 1)

4. Full Measures (Season 3)

3. Dead Freight (Season Five, part 1)

2. Salud (Season 4)

1. Ozymandias*

*If Felina is spectacular, I’m just going to put that number one. Others that missed the cut, Full Measures, Gliding O’er All, To’hajiilee.


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