2013 Philadelphia Eagles Season Prediction

A new era of Philadelphia Eagles football is finally here. While skeptical initially about the hire of Chip Kelly and his lack of NFL experience, I couldn’t be more fired up to see what he can bring to this team and to the rest of the NFL.

As for this season, I wish I had the time to write a 3,000 word preview breaking down each position group on the roster, but alas, searching for a job and managing other responsibilities comes first.

Even though I don’t have high expectations for this year’s Eagles squad, it should be a really fun ride this year.

Watching this uptempo, red-option, tight end heavy offense(whatever you want to call it) is going to be a welcome change from the pass-heavy West Coast offense of the Reid era.

Likewise on defense, even though it’s going to be a severe struggle(week 4 in Denver will be brutal) I’ll be interested to see Billy Davis’ Hybrid 3-4, 4-3 under scheme and how that comes together throughout the year.

For awhile I had this team winning only six or seven games. However after reviewing the schedule below, this schedule really isn’t that tough, especially with the NFC East being mediocre. I think the Eagles go 3-3 in divisional play for what it’s worth.  Hell, this healthy offensive line should be good enough for a two-win improvement alone.

Everyone is expecting Chip Kelly to come out and revolutionize the NFL right away. I don’t expect that and He’s already said he’s not going to revolutionize anything. He keeps it simple, which shows with his constant reaffirmation that the NFL is “just football,” but football being played at the highest level.  The guy eats, sleeps and breathes football. I’d be pretty surprised if he turns out to be a fraud like Spurrier and Saban.

I have them at 8-8 below, but who the hell knows what their record will be. I don’t think they will be worse than 6-10 but no better than 10-6. If they make the playoffs this year, when nearly no one expects them to, I’ll be thrilled. That means they’re ahead of schedule obviously.  This isn’t a full rebuild, but a serious retooling that will probably take at least one season to be completed.

However, I’m certain they have the right guy. In Chip I trust and as long as there is serious improvement over the disaster that was the 2011 and 2012 seasons, I will be satisfied with the 2013 season.

Regardless of wins or losses, Eagles football is back with a renewed optimism. Let’s get this thing started.

9/9/13 at Washington L

9/15/13 San Diego W

9/19/2013 Kansas City W

9/29/13 at Denver L

10/6/13 at Giants L

10/13/13 at Tampa W

10/20/13 Dallas W

10/27/13 Giants W

11/3/13 at Oakland W

11/10/13 at Green Bay L

11/17/13 Redskins W


12/1/13 Arizona W

12/8/13 Detroit L

12/15/13 at Minnesota L

12/22/13 Chicago L

12/29/13 at Cowboys L


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