2013 NFL Predictions

Below are some educated and knowledgeable thoughts guesses on how the 2013 NFL Football season will play out.

Below is how I see the 2013 season playing out.

*Editor’s note: I posted this after a good portion of Week 1 was over due to being at Penn State on Saturday and the Phillies game on Sunday.  I can assure you the early results didn’t change anything, except the fact I should never ever join a suicide pool. (Thanks Tampa).

NFC EAST – Giants #4 seed  You know I’m objective when I pick this team. Based on Super Bowl pedigree and uncertainty about Washington and Dallas, I’ll give them the nod barely. Their secondary will be bad, but defensive line should be improved and make up for the weak secondary play. I know the Eagles are a year away, but I think they will make things interesting against their three divisional foes.

NFC North – Packers #3 seed  Reason: Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in football. There’s your reason.

NFC South – Falcons #2 seed  **Spoiler Alert** I like this team to go to the Super Bowl.  Battle tested, and featuring the best receiving corps in the league, I think they’ve moved past the stigma of “team that chokes in big games.” A lot of people are thinking the Saints could rebound and challenge for the division, but I just don’t see it. Not with their defense.

NFC West  – 49ers #1 seed  Thin at wide receiver but they still have enough weapons, considering they have a top three defense. Kaepernick is just awesome to watch and I think he keeps growing.

Wildcard 1 – Seahawks #5 seed I’m a little down on this team, mainly just because I don’t think they are sneaking up on anyone this year. I like Russell Wilson, but not sure he’s the MVP candidate everyone is predicting him to turn into.

Wildcard 2 – Redskins #6 seed I like this team just barely over the Saints for the final playoff spot. Not sure the Saints defense is any good.  Meanwhile the Skins get Brian Orakpo back and he will certainly influence a D that was playing really well at the end of 2012 and into the playoffs.


AFC EAST – Patriots #3 seed The rest of the division stinks on ice. This is a no contest. Ok, I guess the Dolphins could be decent, but I don’t see them better than 9-7. The Pats should walk to their 5,000th consecutive AFC East crown. Don’t need to waste more words on this one.

AFC North – Bengals #4 seed I’ve seen several prognosticators select the Bengals for the Super Bowl this season, but I think they are still a year away. But that doesn’t mean they are a bad team. Au contraire, I really like this offense. With AJ Green, Andy Dalton is always going to be a successful QB, but add a young pass-catching threat in Tyler Eifert, supplemented by sneaky good receivers Mohamed Sanu and Andrew Hawkins(once he returns from injury) and this passing game will be tough to stop. Benjarvus Green-Ellis and Giovanni Bernanrd should be a solid 1-2 in the running game but not sure they will scare defenses.  On defense, All-Pro Geno Atkins will lead a defense that put up 55 sacks last year and added James Harrison. While Harrison is clearly declining, he’ll bring a leadership and toughness to this defense.

AFC South – Texans #2 seed  I think Houston is just a slightly better all around team than the Colts, who I believe are in for a bit of a regression. Jacksonville is atrocioius and Tennessee isn’t very good and arguably the most irrelevant team in the league. I honestly find the Raiders more compelling than the Titans. Not that that’s important when it comes to winning games of course. Just an observation.

AFC West – Broncos #1 seed The AFC West isn’t very good. This is nothing new. I could sit hear and make a case for why someone like the Chiefs could challenge Denver, but there’s no point. Even if Denver is weaker defensively with no Von Miller for the first six games and Elvis Dumervil’s departure to Baltimore, (seriously, who still faxes?) their offense is going to be historically good.

Wildcard 1 – Ravens #5 seed Lots of new faces on this team, especially on defense. Dumervil’s addition will certainly help. If they didn’t pick him up, I’d be inclined to leave Baltimore out of the playoffs. But Jim Harbaugh is a great coach, and Flacco has turned into a pretty good quarterback. But they’l

Wildcard 2 – Chiefs #6 seed  Alex Smith and Andy Reid will be a match made in heaven. A two win team in 2012 that had six Pro Bowlers(!) there is plenty of talent for Reid to mold into a winning team. IT also helps when you get two play the Raiders and Chargers four times a year.

NFC Wild Card Round

Packers over Skins

Giants over Seahawks

NFC Divisional Round

Falcons over Packers

49ers over Giants

NFC Championship Game

Falcons over 49ers

AFC Wildcard Round

Pats over Chiefs 

Bengals over Ravens

AFC Divisional Round

Texans over Patriots 

Broncos over Bengals

AFC Championship

Broncos over Texans

Super Bowl XLVIII

Falcons over Broncos


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