A Rambling Penn State Syracuse Preview

Football. On. My. Television.  

Can’t wait to see the start of Bill O Brien’s second season get underway, especially now that five-star recruit and true freshman Christian Hackenberg has earned the starting nod. 

I have moderate expectations (he’s a true freshman, he’s not going to light it up like Johnny Football did last year) for Hack, but I think by the middle of this season he could start looking like the 2012 version of Matt McGloin, and not the 2010 version of McGloin/Bolden. *shudders*

Going along with Hackenberg, I’m really excited to watch this offense develop under him and see how players such as Allen Robinson and Kyle Carter build off their terrific 2012 seasons. 

Even if Hackenberg struggles, I still think the offense can be efficient, because in BOB I trust. O’Brien knows exactly how to utilize his talents and has certainly crafted 

Defensively for Penn State, really intrigued to see who steps up and replaces Mauti, Hodges, Hill and Morris. There’s plenty of talent on here, but lots of inexperience as well. 

Not to mention the depth issue, as the Lions are only two-deep at certain positions. 

*Really disappointing that Neiko Robinson left. Was looking forward to watching him play.  Obviously no one has a clear issue why he left as Bob didn’t give an explanation, but the secondary is going to be the Achilles heal of this year’s defense. 

Don’t know anything about Syracuse except that they have two good running backs and Nassib is no longer their starter. Apparently it’s a rebuilding year for the ‘Cuse (when isn’t it?) so I expect Penn State to handle them today. Something to the tune of 24-10. 

Note to self (since I’m the only one reading this blog): Post more consistently and make an effort to actually write legit previews and recaps on more than one occasion. 


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