NFL Week 16 Selections

I rebounded with a solid week selecting games last week,  but unfortunately my fantasy team and the Eagles came up brutally small when it mattered most. Not sure why I’m writing this because football season is STUPID. I guess the only reason I’m writing this post this week, is because I believe in finishing what I started.

On to Week 16

Last Week: 8-5-2   Season:103-87-7

Titans at Jags The Pick: Titans +4.5  The only reason to watch this game is to hear Jim Nantz feign enthusiasm to be in Jacksonville calling this one. 

Eagles at Redskins: The Pick: Eagles -8  I’ll say it again, but louder this time since they clearly didn’t hear me last week: WIN THIS FUCKING GAME EAGLES!!

Chargers at 49ers  The Pick: Chargers +1   Man what happened to Kaepernick? Loved that dude when he was playing well. 

Vikings at Dolphins  The Pick: Vikings +6.5  Things don’t look so good for Joe Philbin. 

Packers at Bucs  The Pick: Packers -11.5 Green Bay’s struggles on the road this year could have them hitting the road for the entirety of the playoffs if you can believe that. 

Lions at Bears  The Pick: Lions -9.5   The Bears are awful and going to Jimmy Clausen doesn’t even give me the slimmest of hopes then can help out the Eagles this weekend. 

Falcons at Saints  The Pick: Saints +6.5  Mercifully the NFC South will be should be decided this weekend.

Patriots at Jets  The Pick: Patriots -10.5  Pats might be may late-season Super Bowl pick. 

Chiefs at Steelers  The Pick: Steelers -3  The Steelers stink. Yes, I’ll keep saying that despite their record. 

Browns at Panthers  The Pick: Panthers -4   I think we’ve all seen enough of Money Manziel. 

Ravens at Texans  The Pick: Ravens -6 No clue who’s the QB for Houston. Case Keenum? 

Giants at Rams  The Pick:  Giants +6.5  Keep screwing up that good draft pick Giants! 

Colts at Cowboys: The Pick: Colts -3  Do I really need to explain this one?

Bills at Raiders  The Pick: Bills -6.5  Picking up the Bills D in FanDuel this week. 

Seahawks at Cardinals  The Pick: Seahawks -9  Seahawks D>>> Cards 3rd string QB

Broncos at Bengals  The Pick: Broncos -3.5  The good Bengals showed up last week, meaning the bad Bengals will arrive this Monday night. 




NFL Week 14 Selections

Woof. Terrible performance out of me last week, but to be honest, I’m surprised that hasn’t happened more often. Anyway, this is just for FUN and money is NOT involved. Yet, at least. Really thought the Eagles would win last week, but alas, they fall to another top team. Even if they make the postseason it’s hard to see them getting past the Divisional weekend, which is what my beliefs were heading into the year. Anyway, let’s hope the Birds and myself get back on track this week.

Last Week: 5-10-1  Season: 95-82-5

Cardinals at Rams  The Pick: Cardinals +5.5  I still like the Rams to win, but this will be an ugly close matchup. Really need the Cards to lose for the Eagles wild card chances, but also need their defense to score some points tonight. Definitely awkward feelings about this one tonight.

Raiders at Chiefs  The Pick: Raiders +10  Chiefs will win, but the Raiders will be a tough matchup, a reality the Chiefs already know too well. 

Jaguars at Ravens  The Pick: Jags +14 Sticking with the same theme here. Ravens win, but Jags manage to keep the score closer than we thought. Torrey Smith is a ? so not likely Ravens score crazy points this week. 

Steelers at Falcons  The Pick: Falcons -2.5  I think the Falcons definitely win the wretched NFC South.

Colts at Texans  The Pick: Colts -7  The Colts will likely be one and done in the playoffs, but they should have a big game offensively this week. 

Bengals at Browns  The Pick: Bengals +1.5 Not sure Johnny Manziel is good. Il wait and see before I pick him to win a game.

Dolphins at Pats  The Pick: Pats-7.5  New England slams the door on the Dolphins playoff hopes. 

Bucs at Panthers  The Pick: Panthers -3.5 This is the same matchup we had in Week 1, although I’ll go the opposite route and take Carolina this time. Tempting to take Tampa, but the Panthers will be fine with Derek Andersons. For this week at least. 

Redskins at Giants  The Pick: Giants -7  [Insert poop emoji here]

Packers at Bills  The Pick: Packers -6  When’s the last time Green Bay didn’t play a game in the freezing cold?  *checks* Sunday October 26 when they lost in New Orleans! They’re probably dying to get to Tampa next week. 

Jets at Titans  The Pick: Jets +3 Sorry Jets fans, looks like this is gonna cost you a better draft position this week. 

Broncos at Chargers  The Pick: Chargers -4.5  My upset of the week. San Diego almost pulled it off last week against the Pats. They play Denver tough and will win this week. 

Vikings at Lions  The Pick: Vikings +8  Detroit’s due to pull a terrible game out of its ass right?

49ers at Seahawks  The Pick: Seahawks -10  Hopefully this rivalry gets good again next year. Seattle wins out by the way and wins the NFC West. 

Cowboys at Eagles The Pick: Eagles -3.5 Win this fucking game Eagles. 

Saints at Bears  The Pick: Saints -3  It must be horrible to have to root for Jay Cutler. 





A Review of Dumb and Dumber To

When it comes to watching movies I rarely watch one more than twice. I typically don’t like spending my time watching something I’ve already seen, even if it means I’ve lost the ability to capture the movie’s essence or relay classic lines. I’m always looking forward to movies I haven’t seen.

Now of course, if I really enjoy a film, I’ll likely go back and watch it again. But with YouTube, it makes it easier just watch your favorite scenes over and over again, without sitting down for an hour and a half plus.

When it comes to Dumb and Dumber, my favorite movie of all time, there is no limit to how many times I’ll sit down and watch. Whether it’s hearing the most annoying sound in the world, messing with Sea Bass, or licking frost of a ski lift chair, almost every scene in that movie still gets a chuckle out of me.

For years I wondered why they didn’t make a sequel and what a second film with Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey would look like. I personally felt they owed it to us, the loyal fans to give us what we so desired.  Especially in light of the botched prequel Dumb and Dumberer.

Finally after years of back and forth between different studios and the actors, they got their acts together and totally redeemed themselves to confirm a sequel.

I was stoked, yet very apprehensive, knowing that comedies usually aren’t as good the second time around, let alone 20 years later.

My worst fears started to become realized last year when I saw the first trailer and cringed. Hard. It looked like the Farrelly brothers and Daniels and Carrey were trying to hard to be funny.

Combined with a busy work schedule, predictably bad reviews from critics and not being able to see it on opening night, my interest in seeing the movie had waned considerably, as I saw it more than a week after it came out. I had long envisioned being the first one at the box office to see the film at midnight.

Anyway I went and saw Dumb To the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at Neshaminy’s AMC 24 Theatre. The film’s opening scene was cringe-worthy, not just content wise, but because it wasn’t funny.  I may not have had a real laugh until about 10-15 minutes into the movie. Although the directors did grant my wish of reprising this in the opening minutes.

I thought Jim Carrey’s performance was forced and Jeff Daniels was just so-so. The plot was rehashed and most of the notable jokes that have made their way into everyday jargon came back as well. Off went Llyod and Harry going across country in a goofy vehicle in search of a pretty girl where they had to deliver a package in which they had no idea what was inside. Even the ending was similar when it turned out the FBI had been involved with the criminals Lloyd and Harry had to unknowingly circumvent.

I’m not a filmmaker and certainly not a comedian, so I don’t know how hard it is to write comedies. I will point out that I thought the Hangover 2 sucked. largely because followed the exact same plot points as the original. But in Hangover 3, it was funnier and more interesting because they mixed up the story a little bit.

Still despite it all, I enjoyed the movie. It had its moments, noticeably a hilarious fart gag at the expense of Rob Riggle’s character (I’ll never be too old for those). I think it was more for sentimentality. I mean, I think I enjoyed the trip down memory lane provided as the credits rolled, showing  old scenes with ones from Dumb To.

Watching Dumb To, it felt like two well-known actors just acting stupid and at often times downright crude. In the original, it was like you were watching two harmless morons, it was totally believable. Honestly, some of the gags the Llyod and Harry pulled throughout the movie were probably a little above their diminutive intellects but I digress.

I know I’m coming off as being disappointed in the movie, but I really did enjoy watching the characters on screen on these years later. I knew what I was getting in to when I walked through the door to the theater and it certainly wasn’t going to be settling down to watch an Oscar-winning film.

I’m grateful to the Farrelly Brothers and Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey for cleary listening to the fans and finding time to make this movie. And if they make a third Dumb and Dumber, you can bet I’ll be there.


NFL Week 13 Selections

What a fantastic Thanksgiving. Hung out with friends and family, enjoyed a fantastic feast on more than one occasion, and watched the Eagles give the Cowboys a thrashing I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I also completely forgot to make my Week 12 picks on Friday after selecting three winners on Thanksgiving Day. Oh well.

Also, one thing that’s driving me nuts. The Eagles, who are 9-3, are set the play the defending Super Bowl Champions at the Linc on Sunday in the biggest home game in several years. Yet all the media is talking about midweek is the non-story of Chip going to Florida. Just utter nonsense.

Last week 3-0 Season: 90-72-4

Cowboys at Bears  The Pick: Bears -4  Ok, complete homer pick here, but it’s not unrealistic to see Chicago beat Dallas. After all it is December. And the Bears did play Chicago semi-tough on Turkey Day. 

Ravens at Dolphins  The Pick: Ravens +2.5  I know the Ravens lost Haloti Ngata, but I think Miami’s gonna lay an egg. 

Steelers at Bengals  The Pick: Bengals -3.5  I’ll say it again. The Steelers stink. 

Colts at Browns  The Pick: Colts -4  Andrew Luck vs Brian Hoyer?  Next. 

Texans at Jaguars  The Pick: Texans -6.5 No way the Jags win two in a row. Although this is as good a chance as any. 

Giants at Titans  The Pick: Titans +1.5  LOL Giants. But hey, Odell Beckham makes circus catches!!

Panthers at Saints The Pick: Saints -10  Don’t feel comfortable about this one, but after seeing the Saints offense get going last week and knowing the Panthers are devoid of offensive talent, I have to go this route. 

Bucs at Lions  The Pick: Bucs +10   Lions by a touchdown

Rams at Redskins  The Pick: Rams -3 Enjoying your season Desean?

Vikings at Jets  The Pick: Vikings -6  Vikings could be a team to watch out for next year. 

Bills at Broncos  The Pick: Broncos -10 Nice season for Buffalo, but Denver has little trouble this week. 

Chiefs at Cardinals (Pick)  The Pick: Chiefs  I don’t think Arizona makes the playoffs. 

49ers at Raiders  The Pick: Raiders +9  Could the Silver and black be auditioning for Jim Harbaugh? 

Seahawks at Eagles  The Pick: Eagles -1 Biggest home game for the Eagles in quite some time and I’ll be there. As long as Sanchez keeps turnovers to a bare minimum, I don’t see how the Eagles lose.

Patriots at Chargers  The Pick: Pats -4  Here’s the cliche Patriots coming off a loss explanation. However, that was a clutch win by the Chargers last week. 

Falcons at Packers  Packers -13   Man, Green Bay should destroy this team. 




Eagles-Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Beatdown Recap

Wow, that was satisfying.

And I’m not talking about the fantastic Thanksgiving Feast organized by my family, (that was outstanding.) I’m talking about the pummeling the Eagles gave Jerruh and the Cowboys down in Big D. I’ve always wanted to watch the Eagles play Dallas on Thanksgiving in front of a national audience. And to see them beat Dallas so badly was more than I could ever ask for. Especially when I had a bag feeling heading into the game.

To the bullet points!

  • Fletcher Cox. What a beastly performance, single-handedly dominating a, dare I say, overrated Dallas D line?
  • For this team to actually think about going far in the playoffs, they will need Sanchez, or Foles to play a clean game. Obviously both have had issues with that this year, but on Thursday Sanchez was very good. No turnovers and was actually a decent threat to run the ball.
  • Much has been said about Shady’s performances this year, and the offensive line for that matter. Yesterday the two unit’s had their
  • The first two scoring drives by the Eagles was probably the fastest I’d seen this team run the tempo offense and have success in Chip’s tenure. The closest other performance was last season in the Monday night opener at Washington. The Cowboys D was gassed by the second drive.
  • I can’t figure out Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams. I still don’t think the Eagles are winning anything with this cornerback tandem, but they do find ways to put together some surprisingly-good performances against elite receivers.
  • Glad to Maclin and Sanchez on the same page yesterday. Maclin’s been a bit quiet since Sanchez came in during the Texans game a few weeks ago.
  • Red zone offense is without a doubt the fly in the ointment. I think they’ll get it figured out.

NFL Thanksgiving Day Selections

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s three surefire selections as enticing as yams…

I’ll post the rest of the Week 13 lines if I get time on Friday, and by that I mean if/when I arise from my food coma.

Bears at Lions  The Pick: Lions -7  Both of these quarterbacks stink… but the Lions defense is solid, especially at home.

Eagles at Cowboys  The Pick: Eagles +3.5 For the first time in my life I will watch the Eagles play the hated Cowboys on Turkey Day. I don’t have a good feeling about this one, however.

Seahawks at 49ers The Pick: Seahawks +1  Seattle’s just a better team. San Fran hasn’t impressed and is just missing too many key players on D.