NFL Week 12 Selections

I went 9-4 last week, not too shabby! Although I completely forgot to pick the Broncos-Rams game, which would’ve certainly dropped my record to 9-5. Also two of the four picks I got wrong, I got hilariously wrong. Let’s remind ourselves of these two right now and then never speak of them again:

Eagles at Packers The Pick: Eagles +6.5 Everyone’s picking Green Bay, but I don’t think people realize how tough this Eagles team is. They won’t have a defensive performance like on Monday, but they’ll make Aaron Rodgers earn his keep this week. 

Patriots at Colts  The Pick: Colts -2.5 I like the Colts BIG this week. Make it my lock. 

Oh No. Let’s just move on toWeek 12 and quickly, shall we?

Last week 9-4 Season: 87-72-4

Chiefs at Raiders The Pick: Raiders +7.5  The Raiders aren’t going winless, I think they’ll beat Buffalo or St. Louis, but they’ll lose a close one tonight. 

Browns at Falcons The Pick: Falcons -3.5 Josh Gordon’s return won’t be enough to help beat the first place(???) Falcons. 

Titans at Eagles The Pick: Eagles -11 Coming off that debacle at Lambeau, the Eagles need to make quick work of this team and prepare for Dallas

Lions at Patriots The Pick: Patriots -7  Really wish I didn’t draft Stafford in Fantasy. Thankfully, I didn’t draft him in both of my leagues. I drafted Luck in the other. That worked well. 

Packers at Vikings  The Pick: Packers -10  The Packers take their “We’re going to End This Game By Halftime” show on the road this weekend.

Jags at Colts  The Pick: Jags +14  Points aplenty in this game, but Colts will, easily. Jags cover with garbage time points. 

Bengals at Texans The Pick: Bengals -1.5   Could the site of two playoff horror shows for Andy Dalton give him motivation to finally put it all together? 

Bucs at Bears  The Pick: Bucs+6  Lovie Smith’s revenge! 

Cardinals at Seahawks  The Pick: Seahawks -7  Just can’t see Arizona winning this one. 

Rams at Chargers The Pick: Chargers -4.5  I can’t endorse Shaun Hill. I don’t care that he beat Denver. 

Dolphins at Broncos  The Pick: Dolphins +7.5  Broncos win a close one. Too banged up for me to pick them -7.5. 

Redskins at 49ers  The Pick: 49ers -4.5  Any guesses where DJax lands next year? Or RGIII perhaps? Also, wait a second. 

Cowboys at Giants  The Pick: Giants +3.5  Something tells me the Giants will get up for Dallas just like Washington did.

Ravens at Saints  The Pick: Ravens +3   Officially giving up on the Saints








NFL Week 11 Selections

Last Week: 9-4 Season 78-68-4

Bills at Dolphins  The Pick: Dolphins -4.5  Dolphins coming off a tough road loss. Bills traveling on a short week without their top two backs. Gimme Miami. 

Texans at Browns  The Pick: Texans +3.5  Not sure why I’m going with Ryan Mallet here, but I think Cleveland is due for a loss. 

Vikings at Bears The Pick: Bears -3.5  The Bears are terrible and their season is over, but they have to have a little pride, right? 

Seahawks at Chiefs  The Pick: Chiefs -2  It’s the battle of the two loudest stadiums!….in Arrowhead.  Seattle is a different team on the road. Actually they’re a different team altogether this season. 

Falcons at Panthers The Pick: Falcons -1  I just can’t pick Carolina after watching them on Monday. They have nothing on offense. 

Bengals at Saints  The Pick: Saints -7.5  Two disappointing teams, but it appears Andy Dalton is going full Andy Dalton. 

Bucs at Redskins The Pick: Bucs +7.5 Somehow Tampa Bay is still alive in the NFC South race. If they want to pull off this miracle, this matchup is a good way to get started. 

49ers at Giants  The Pick: 49ers-4.5 Monster road win last week for San Fran, however controversial. Can they avoid the letdown this week, with another cross country flight(I’m assuming they’re flying cross country again). 

Raiders at Chargers  The Pick: Raiders +10.5  I think Oakland keeps this one close. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they won. 

Eagles at Packers The Pick: Eagles +6.5 Everyone’s picking Green Bay, but I don’t think people realize how tough this Eagles team is. They won’t have a defensive performance like on Monday, but they’ll make Aaron Rodgers earn his keep this week. 

Lions at Cardinals  The Pick: Cardinals -1  The Cardinals are due for a loss, but since they’re at home, I’ll pick them one more week. 

Patriots at Colts  The Pick: Colts -2.5 I like the Colts BIG this week. Make it my lock. 

Steelers at Titans  The Pick: Steelers -6.5  Correctly calling the Jets upset of the Stillers gave me much joy last week. Unfortuantely I can’t pick the Steelers to lose twice in a row to bad teams. They seem to like to spread out their bad losses.




Eagles Panthers Post-Game Recap

Writing this with an entire 4th Quarter left to play. Eagles up 38-7.

  • There’s domination and there’s what the Eagles did to the Panthers tonight. Beyond impressive.
  • Don’t want to hear that Newton was banged up. The Eagles simply dominated a bad team, like good teams should.
  • Eagles defense and special teams continue to be awesome. The pass rush has been very good from what I’ve seen the last few weeks(I did not watch the Arizona game yet.)
  • Mark Sanchez was a little skittish early in the game. He improved as the game progressed( and is still in for some reason here in the fourth) but will need to be much better in a game that should be close at Lambeau.
  • Monster game for Jordan Matthews, who is clearly Sanchez’s favorite target so far. He also had a monster game the last time I wrote one of these recaps, so perhaps I should write more of these.
  • Sproles is one of the funnest players to ever put on a Eagles uniform. Need to think about this more. but he’s probably in my top 10 favorite Eagles.
  • Back to the quarterback picture, starting to think it doesn’t matter who plays QB in this offense.

NFL Week 10 Selections

Week 10 is here, and for someone who’s not watching much football this season, I don’t think I’m doing too badly. Either that or I’m guessing well. One thing I’m learning as I make these weekly picks is that if you have a hunch, don’t go the opposite way on it. Last week, I specifically said the Browns weren’t playing well against bad teams, yet I picked them to win by 7. The won by 5. Of course, any sage gambler could say if you have a hunch, go the opposite way.

Bottom line is, I’m enjoying making these picks(especially since $$$ isn’t involved) and I love watching what football I can. I could sit here and study trends in home underdogs vs road favorites and all of those other trendy tools gamblers like to use, but I just enjoy going off of pure random feel. For now, I’ll stick to losing money on FanDuel and my regular fantasy leagues and just keep making these completely irrelevant picks.

Last Week: 7-6  Season: 69-64-4

Browns at Bengals: The Pick: Bengals -6.5 With Jeremy Hill’s emergence, the Bengals won’t miss Giovanni Bernard too much. Plus, the Browns recent efforts against lousy teams have left me less enthused with them then I was earlier this season. 

Cowboys at Jaguars* (Game in London) The Pick: Cowboys-7  Romo or no Romo, the Cowboys win this week. 

Dolphins at Lions  The Pick: Lions -3 Tough call here, but give me the rested lions and the very well-rested Megatron. 

Chiefs at Bills The Pick: Chiefs -2.5  Any pretenses that the Bills are good usually end by this time of year. 

49ers at Saints  The Pick: Saints-5.5  That loss for the 49ers last week was just brutal. Only gonna get worse this week, as the Saints cruise at home. 

Titans at Ravens:  The Pick: Titans+10 Maybe it’s because I picked up Kendall Wright as an emergency play in fantasy this week, or it’s because the Ravens secondary is banged up, but I think the Titans keep it close. 

Steelers at Jets  The Pick: Jets +6   I refuse to accept that the Steelers might be good. 

Falcons at Bucs The Pick: Falcons -3 It’s hard to believe after that week 3 massacre that the Bucs are only a three point underdog to Atlanta. But the Falcons have really fallen far since then. 

Rams at Cardinals  The Pick: Rams +7.5 Gimme Arizona in a squeaker. 

Giants at Seahawks  The Pick: Seahawks -9.5  If the Seahawks want to try to reestablish their dominance in the NFC, the hapless Giants are a good place to start. 

Broncos at Raiders The Pick: Broncos-12 No explanation needed.

Bears at Packers  The Pick: Packers -7.5  This is probably the last realistic shot for the Bears if they want to save their season, but I think Rodgers and Co. shuts the door on their season at Lambeau. 

Panthers at Eagles The Pick: Eagles -6.5 In Sanchize we trust! Not sure I can say the same about Casey Matthews and Emmanuel Acho, however.






NFL Week Nine Selections

I had a bad feeling about my picks last week, but overall they turned out ok as I ended up one game above .500. Boy was I sure glad to pick that Cowboys game wrong. Eagles remain a half game out of first, and while trying to pick correctly all these games can be fun, the only wins and losses I care about are of the team in midnight green(which they have yet to actually wear this season.)

Onward to Week 9!

Last Week: 8-7 Season 63-57-4

Saints at Panthers  The Pick: Saints -3.5 A win tonight should pretty much secure the weak NFC South for the Saints.

Chargers at Dolphins  The Pick: Dolphins -1.5  Chargers are dealing with some injuries and just a brutal stretch right now. I think (emphasis on think) that Miami is a solid team. This weekend will determine that. 

Jags at Bengals  The Pick: Bengals -11  Last week’s win over Baltimore should give the Bengals all the momentum they need. 

Bucs at Browns  The Pick: Browns -7  Cleveland’s been struggling with the Jags and Raiders, so I was tempted to pick Tampa to cover, but then I remembered they were Tampa. 

Redskins at Vikings The Pick Redskins +1 After their huge win over Dallas, I could certainly see a letdown for Washington. But I think they’ll pull this one out. 

Eagles at Texans  The Pick: Eagles -2.5   J.J. Watt scares the hell out of me, but he’s the only one on that Texans team that does. Really hope Foles has a turnover free game this week. 

Jets at Chiefs  The Pick: Chiefs -10  Go crazy with the passing game this week, Big Red. 

Cardinals at Cowboys  The Pick: Cardinals +3 I think the Cardinals could win at Dallas with or without Romo. Still, I have no idea how either of these teams are good. 

Rams at 49ers  The Pick: 49ers -10   The Austin Davis shine has officially worn off. 

Broncos at Patriots  The Pick: Broncos -3.5 Here’s my explanation: Denver is better. 

Raiders at Seahawks  The Pick: Raiders +15  No way am I laying that many points, Seattle is struggling and Oakland still wants to win. Tampa almost won in Seattle last year in a very similar scenario to this game. 

Ravens at Steelers  The Pick: Ravens -1.5  I really don’t think the Steelers are that good. 

Colts at Giants  The Pick: Colts -3.5  In a season of strange results, last week’s Steelers victory of the Colts may have been the strangest. 









NFL Week Eight Selections


Last Week: 6-7 Season: 55-50-4

Chargers at Broncos: The Pick Broncos -9  The Chargers won in the same scenario last year, but history will not repeat itself. 

Lions at Falcons (in London):  The Pick: Lions-4.5 The Falcons are just a bad team. The Lions have a fearsome defense. 

Vikings at Bucs The Pick: Bucs -3  Coming off the bye, the Bucs will prove to look like a somewhat competent football team. Then again, it is the Vikings. 

Bears at Patriots  The Pick: Bears +6  Until I see otherwise, this is the last time I pick the Bears this year, to win or cover. I have the Pats winning a close one here. 

Rams at Chiefs  The Pick: Rams +7  Austin Davis might be good. 

Seahawks at Panthers  The Pick: Panthers +6  Regrettable games for each team last week. WhileI think Seattle will win, it will be close. 

Bills at Jets  The Pick: Bills +3  Percy Harvin wont help the Jets. 

Dolphins at Jaguars The Pick: Dolphins -6  Knowing this Dolphins team, I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose this week. 

Texans at Titans The Pick: Texans -3  What a meltdown on Monday night by Houston. I think they get back on track against the terrible Titans. 

Ravens at Bengals The Pick: Bengals +1.5  Beating Baltimore twice would be monumental for a suddenly struggling Cincy team. 

Eagles at Cardinals  The Pick: Eagles +2.5 How is Mychal Kendricks not ready to play yet? This is getting very frustrating. 

Colts at Steelers The Pick: Colts-3.5  Andrew Luck is probably the MVP. 

Raiders at Browns  The Pick: Browns-7  The Browns always know how to manufacture disappointment. They can’t possibly lose to the Raiders, one week after losing to the Jags can they? 

Packers Saints The Pick: Saints (pick em) I’m going to keep picking the Saints, especially when they’re at home. 

Redskins at Cowboys The Pick: Cowboys-10  As much as I would love to see a Redskins win, they won’t get it done in Dallas. 







NFL Week Seven Selections

The good times keep on rolling, as I posted another 10 win week, and the Eagles enter the by week tied for the best record in the league.

Love you, football.

And hey, we actually had a Thursday Night Game that was somewhat compelling last week. Progress!

(Publishing my first few selections early, because Chrome keeps crashing this page! Pretty Frustrating)

UPDATE: Friday 7 p.m.  Let’s see if Chrome let’s me finish making my picks. Oh yeah, there was a totally out of the blue NFL trade today. Percy Harvin to the Jets…. which doesn’t make a ton of sense for a 1-6 team, but ok then! I don’t mind it for Seattle. They won the Super Bowl last year, with him on the sidelines most of the year.

Last Week 10-3-2  Season 49-43-4

Jets at Patriots  The Pick: Pats-10  It’s going to be ugly weather-wise and football-wise tonight. Could see this being a 16-0 type of result. 

Bengals at Colts  The Pick: Colts -3.5  This should be a fun, high-scoring shootout. Gimme the Colts at home, however. 

Titans at Redskins  The Pick: Titans+5.5  I think the Titans get off the snide against an equally bad Washington team. 

Dolphins at Bears The Pick: Bears -3.5  The Bears need to be more consistent. Good chance to do so with the Dolphins coming to town this week. 

Seahawks at Rams The Pick: Seahawks -7   LAP. Life after Percy begins, although was he ever actually there? The Seahawks will be fine, this is a defensive team.

Panthers at Packers The Pick: Panthers +6.5  Think the Packers win at home, but the Panthers are definitely no slouch, I was wrong on them. Fortunately, no tie this week.

Falcons at Ravens  The Pick: Ravens -6.5  I think the Ravens crush Atlanta, who will probably begin sniffing around potential head coaches as the season becomes more and more of a lost cause.

Vikings at Bills: The Pick: Bills-5.5 Believe in Kyle Orton!  Actually… don’t… don’t do that. 

Saints at Lions  The Pick: Saints +2.5 I immediately regret this pick.

Chiefs at Chargers  The Pick: Chiefs +4  The Chargers are due for a letdown. 

Giants at Cowboys  The Pick: Giants +6.5 No way the Giants lose badly to another divisional foe. 

Cardinals at Raiders The Pick: Cardinals -4  Oakland will get a win one of these weeks, but the Cards are too well coached to fall short in this scenario. 

49ers at Broncos: The Pick: Broncos; -7   Peyton’s apparently about to break another passing record and Patrick Willis is likely out for San Fran. 

Texans at Steelers The Pick: Texans +3 Go get em Bob!